We have great news for Weiss Lake homeowners and guests that enjoy all the lake has to offer.  Winter water levels has been an ongoing conversation in Cherokee County for many years.  Alabama Power submitted a request to raise the normal winter pool levels and the U.S Army Corps of Engineers issued an approval. 

What does this mean for you?  Each year, the water levels start to go down in October and the levels do not rise again until February.  Winter pool is typically 558 feet, however starting in the Fall of 2022 the new winter pool levels will be 561 feet.  This additional 3 feet of water will help enhance property values for those currently on seasonal water.  The impact will vary depending where you are on Weiss Lake.  If you have significant repairs to make on docks, seawalls, ramps or other structures take advantage of the lower winter pool levels. 

 Our team of Realtors are long time Cherokee County residents and are knowledgeable on Weiss Lake and the surrounding areas.  We will be happy to answer your questions about Weiss Lake and real estate on Weiss Lake as you search for your dream home!