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Local Phone Numbers
Electricity Phone Numbers Serving
Cherokee Electric Cooperative - Centre 256-927-5524 or 800-952-2667 New Customer Application

Gas Service (Residential)

Alabama Propane Gas 334-358-9590 or 800-242-2742 All Cherokee County
Ferrell Propane Gas 256-526-6422 All Cherokee County
Heritage Propane Gas 256-927-5515 All Cherokee County
AllGas Propane Inc. 800-458-5426 All Cherokee County
Dekalb & Cherokee County Natural Gas 256-927-5925 800-239-5606


Direct TV 800-531-5000 All Cherokee County
DishNetwork 800-333-3474 All Cherokee County
Envision Media, Inc.  (cable television) 256-779-8700 Cedar Bluff

Phone Service

TDS (Land Line Service) 866-571-6662 All Cherokee County (Applications)
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 All Cherokee County
Cell Phone Reviews

Water, Garbage, Sewer, Landfill

Cedar Bluff Utility Board (Water)

256-779-6359 / 256-779-7285

New Customer Application
Northeast Alabama Water and Sewer


New Customer Application
Cherokee County Water & Sewer 256-927-8348 New Customer Application
Centre Water Works & Sewer 256-927-3281
Wright's Sanitation Service 706-857-5629 Outside Town Limits
Cedar Bluff Sanitation Service 256-779-6121 Inside Town Limits Cedar Bluff
Three Corners Regional Landfill (256) 447-1881 Directions - 2205 County Road 6, Piedmont, AL 36272-5003 - M-F 7:00AM-5:00PM, Closed Saturday & Sunday. Will be open the 1st Sat of every month for Cherokee County residents and the general public 7:00AM-12:00 Noon.

Alabama Power

Shoreline Management 256-927-2597 or 1-800-653-3511 All Weiss Lake

State Government

Department of Motor Vehicles 334-242-4371 Driver's License Information
Centre Office 256-927-8249 View Schedule
Fort Payne 256-845-6089 View Schedule

Cherokee County Government

Cherokee County Revenue Commissioner 256-927-5527 Property Taxes
Commissioners Office 256-927-3668
Burn Permit 256-927-3938
Sheriff 256-927-3365
Registrar 256-927-5336
Motor Vehicles 256-927-3654 Auto Tags
Clerk 256-927-3340
Probate Judge 256-927-3363 Boat Tags
Health Department 256-927-3132


Highway Department 256-927-5573 Streets and Roads

Cedar Bluff Government

Town Clerk 256-779-6121 Zoning Map - Zoning Ordinance - Voting Districts
Mayor 256-779-7284
Police 256-779-6835 or 911 Police Officers
Highway Patrol 256-435-3521
Fire 256-779-8390
Post Office 256-779-6568
Report Crimes or Drug Activity 256-927-3365 or 800-653-3511

Heating and Air Service

Grace Heating and Air 256-499-7055
Gossett Sheet Metal 256-927-3920
Eddies Refrigeration 888-370-4328
ALA-COOL LLC 1-888-442-7417

Pharmacy / Drug Store

Johnson Pharmacy 256-779-3000 Cedar Bluff
Dean's Pharmacy 256-927-5569 Centre
Wal_Mart 256-927-9911 Centre

Home Improvement

Lowes / Rome, GA 706-232-6877 2338 Shorter Avenue N.W
Lowes / Fort Payne 256-844-6940 1600 Glenn Boulevard SW

Pest Control

Extermco 256-779-4968 Gary Gordon, Hwy 9, Cedar Bluff
Morris Pest Control 256 927-6161
Cook's Pest Control 256-413-1302 Gadsden, AL


Robertson Plumbing 256-927-7488 Mike Robertson
Rosser Pumping Service 256-475-3166 Cedar Bluff's Modified Septic System
Weiss Lake Pumpers 256-523-8350 Portable Toliets and Holding Tanks, Septic Pumpers


Todd Waits 256-706-7520


Rex Evans Construction 706-506-4861 New Builds and Remodeling
Delmus Brewster 256-484-1144 New Builds and Remodeling
Butch Scott 256-996-9992 Carpenter
Joe and Rick McMullen 256-779-3614 Marine Construction (New and Repairs Docks, Etc.)
Dixie Pile Drivers 256-779-6827 Marine Construction
Jerry's Roofing (Nick Helms) 256-484-1026 Roofing