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Cathy Griffeth
Home Buyer Letter
Mrs. Cathy,

We just wanted to tell you how much you mean to our family. You have spent countless hours trying to help us in this journey of finding our "perfect" home. On this journey you have lead us in the direction we needed to be on in order to fulfill our dream of having our own house. You have believed in us, encouraged us, supported us, and trusted us.

As I tell my kids at school those are the key components of a "BEST" Quality relationship. Although you have helped us mainly in looking at houses, you have also helped us in so much more.

You have taught us things such as patience (that one is mainly me) love and support. You have taught us these by example, which is the best way to teach. Words will never be able to show our appreciation to you.

I feel like you have become part of our family as you watched us grow together and into adults. We have been a family for 3 years now; however, in the past 6 months we have grown into a more cohesive, supportive and loving family.

We just want you to know this has a lot to do with you. You have guided us on a journey that is so much more than looking at a house or signing our name on a contact.

You have guided us on a journey that we now look at a house and see if it is big enough for our family’s love, and when signing contract we know we have the support of each other.

We just wanted to tell you thanks for everything you have done from all my countless phone calls, to staying late at work, showing us different houses.

We hope we have found the one; but we know God has the ultimate plan for us, and God has not told us to give up on this one yet, so we are going to give it all we have and let him decide what is best for us.

Once again, thank you Mrs. Cathy for all you have done, and I know will continue to do. You will never know hat it means to be in ‘our’ family.

With love always, The Young's

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Cathy Griffeth is a Realtor in the State of Alabama and the Qualifying Broker for LakeWeissAlabama.com Real Estate Services